Launch of the European Climate Neutrality Observatory

06/28/2023 | Ecologic Institute
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ECNO's first annual flagship report on the EU's progress to net-zero was presented on 26 June 2023 at the official Brussels launch of the initiative. It is based on a vision of a climate neutral future composed of 13 essential sectoral and horizontal net-zero "building blocks". The analysis of progress among over a 100 carefully chosen indicators, which together look at both headline objectives and their enabling conditions, provide an unprecedented, integrated view into where and how the EU economy is advancing on its transformation to climate neutrality, and where attention needs to be most urgently placed.

A one-stop shop for independent, data-driven progress monitoring

The European Climate Neutrality Observatory (ECNO) provides comprehensive, regular, reliable, and clear analysis of EU progress towards climate neutrality, and of the functioning of the related governance systems (e.g., the quality of transition plans and strategies). ECNO is a new, trusted voice in the European climate policy discourse that functions as an independent, external monitor for the EU’s climate neutrality target. It is being brought to life by a partnership of scientific institutions, funded by the European Climate Foundation.

We need new tools to monitor the transition

With the EU Climate Law, becoming climate neutral by 2050 is legally binding. Achieving this goal requires transforming the way we produce, consume, move, and eat. EU institutions have already put in place many measures to guide and support governments, businesses, and citizens in this transition. To be effective, policy-makers must now understand how, and at what pace, these measures are translating into changes in the real world. The European Climate Neutrality Observatory's (ECNO) flagship report is the first ever assessment to provide this information at an economy-wide level, and to not only focus on top line targets but also enablers of change.

ECNO's assessment looks across thirteen building blocks of a climate neutral future

Within each of these, the assessment identifies two objectives and six enabling conditions for the change needed, resulting in an analysis of a total of 104 indicators. The approach is designed to accompany the implementation of the European Green Deal. Because of the delay in data availability, this first assessment considers mostly data from the 2015–2021 period, at a moment when the European Green Deal was in its infancy. Green Deal policies are factored in where possible, and will shape future developments in each building block.

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