Ecologic Institute is Looking for a New Director – Job Announcement

04/04/2024 | Ecologic Institute

Ecologic Institute is looking for a leader who will drive the development of the Institute with passion, vigor and political flair. For the future-oriented success of the Institute, the programmatic and strategic enhancement of scientific work as well as the further development of internal structures and processes are crucial. To achieve this, the director works with a highly motivated team to develop targets and strategies.

The Director continues to refine the business model and prepares the Institute for new challenges in a changing market. The Director also strengthens the Institute's profile. He/she achieves this through contributions to public discourse as well as targeted communication and cooperation with various stakeholders from politics, civil society, business and academia. The overarching goal is to make a decisive contribution to political and social discourse through environmental policy research, policy-relevant recommendations and environmental education activities, thereby driving forward political and social dynamics towards sustainability. To this end, the Institute's added value for policymakers and society is to be strengthened, with new partnerships and sources of funding established for the project-financed Institute.

The future director should be well-versed in German and European environmental research and policy analysis and advice and be present in relevant networks. He or she should have substantive expertise and experience with research on sustainable development (in one of Ecologic Institute's thematic focus areas).

A passion for environmental and sustainability issues, innovative thinking, political flair and strong communication skills will be crucial for success.The ability to master strategic and operational tasks and create internal resources for them will be a foundation for this success. Entrepreneurial thinking, leadership experience ideally in the environmental and sustainability sector as well as experience in organizational and strategic development are a prerequisite, as is international experience.

Native or near-native fluency in German and English is required, as well as an inclusive and respectful leadership style and a commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.

How to apply:

The Ecologic Institute is supported by Perrett Laver in filling this position. You can find the job advertisement and further information about the application process on Perrett Laver's website.

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