Welcome to the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet)

The Ecological Research Network (Ecornet) is a network of eight independent, non-profit institutes for environmental and sustainability research in Germany. Their joint mission: to help shape societal change towards sustainability and to scientifically substantiate it. Since their inception, the Ecornet institutes have specialized in dealing with complex issues practically and across the boundaries of scientific disciplines. They have come together to form Ecornet with the goal of expanding their skills and of putting their combined expertise to use in the research landscape.

Ecornet's members:


      • Looking to the Future: Trends affecting resource conservation

        The present trend analysis systematically examines how socio-economic and socio-cultural trends can affect the use of resources. The trend analysis, with contributions by Ecologic Institute's Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers, is... Read more

      • Draft for an European Climate Law

        The European Commission will propose a European Climate Law in early March 2020. This law is a critical step to make Europe climate neutral. It can close gaps in existing EU climate rules. These gaps will impede the EU from... Read more

      • Information Platform for the Restoration of Rivers

        Ecologic Institute and partners developed an information platform about the restoration of rivers including ten examples of selected restoration projects. The aim is to increase attention and acceptance for restoration measures... Read more

      • A European Climate Law – What Should It Look Like?

        Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission, took office today, on 1 December 2019. As one of her first proposals, she promised to propose a European Climate Law in the first 100 days of her term in office.... Read more

      • A Treaty on Plastic Waste

        The discussion paper of the Ecologic Institute presents the rationale for a new treaty on tackling plastic waste and highlights its possible added value. The objective would be to reduce marine plastic litter through a... Read more

      • Smarter, Greener, more Inclusive? – 2019

        Eurostat published its most recent flagship publication "Smarter, greener, more inclusive?". The report assesses the EU's progress in implementing the Europe 2020 strategy. Katharina Umpfenbach and Amely Gundlach of Ecologic... Read more

      • Sustainable Urban Development and Nature-based Solutions

        This report by Ecologic Institute explores the extent to which current policy frameworks support sustainable urban development and nature-based solutions (NBS). It shows that many policies include strong, explicit support for... Read more