What Role for a Climate Club under the German G7 Presidency? – Options and Recommendations for a Climate Club

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The German government has put the formation of an 'ambitious, bold, and cooperative' climate club on top of its G7 Presidency agenda. But what is a climate club? And what type of climate club should the German G7 Presidency push toward? Ecologic Institute's policy brief provides some answers to these questions and formulates recommendations for the German Presidency. The policy brief is available for download.

A climate club is meant to provide both a forum and a mechanism for accelerating international collective action on climate change. Initially reserved for initiatives around uniform (minimum) carbon prices, the term climate club is now used in a more expansive way to describe intergovernmental initiatives that aim to advance climate action and that are based on clear rules of membership. However, there is little consensus about what a climate club is, what it can achieve, and what it should focus on to accelerate global climate action. This policy brief discusses the climate club concept and outlines different design options for the German Presidency to pursue.

The policy brief is part of a project “Towards More Climate Action at the G7 - Recommendations for the German Presidency” aimed at addressing key issues on the climate policy agenda and how the G7 can contribute to this. This project – in cooperation with WWF and E3G – will address issues like financing climate partnership, CBAM and the climate club, green hydrogen and loss and damage. 

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What Role for a Climate Club under the German G7 Presidency?
Accelerating the Global Transformation of Industry at the G7 – Recommendations for the German G7 Presidency – Policy Brief

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