Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain – Webinar Series

Bringing together food waste experts from across Europe, the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE) has launched a series of four webinars, hosted from 9 April to 2 May 2019, on 'Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain'. The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

1. Webinar: Adding value to food waste and by-products
Opportunities and approaches for increasing the value of food waste and by-products
9 April 2019 – 2pm BST (3pm CEST)

2. Webinar: Voluntary agreements to address food waste
A collaborative approach to reduce food waste along the whole supply chain
10 April 2019 – 2pm BST (3pm CEST)

3. Webinar: Tackling Consumer food waste
Drivers and interventions to tackle food waste at home
29 April 2019 – 2pm BST (3pm CEST)

4. Webinar: Measuring and managing Retail food waste
Identifying, measuring and collaborating to address food waste in the retail sector
2 May 2019 – 2pm BST (3pm CEST)

For further details and to register please visit REFRESH CoE.

Getting involved after the webinars
Recordings of the webinars and presentations will be hosted on REFRESH CoE.


REFRESH ("Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain") is an EU funded project acting against food waste with 26 partners from 12 European countries and China.
The Community of Experts website is a knowledge sharing platform that offers users a dedicated space to find and share information about proven solutions and innovative new approaches to reduce the volume of surplus food generated, feed hungry people, and divert food and scraps to the highest beneficial use.

Contact: Stephanie Wunder (Ecologic Institute)