How to combine science, sustainable consumption and entertainment?

The pilot report „A Taste of the Future of the Seas“ is a how-to guide for organising popular scientific events on sustainable consumption. The guide, published by Ecologic Institute, is part of the Science Year 2016/17 – Seas and Oceans and is available for download in German.

This pilot report consists of a how-to guide for organisations and scientific institutions that want to put on entertaining events that bring together science and sustainable consumption, and especially sustainable food. The goal is to encourage similar event series in other institutions and to provide recommendations for planning and implementation. The report is targeted at scientific institutions (research institutes, museums, universities, foundations, etc.) and organisations/agencies for science communication.

A Taste of the Future of the Seas

This report was created within the joint project „A Taste of the Future of the Seas“ by Ecologic Institute and the Museum for Natural History (Museum für Naturkunde) Berlin. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Science Year 2016/2017 - Seas and Oceans.

Interactive and fun events

The Project „A Taste of the Future of the Seas“ („Ein Geschmack der Zukunft der Meere“) presented scientific findings on sustainable use and protection of oceans to a broad audience through interactive and fun events. Participants learned about the advances and challenges in sustainable marine science while simultaneously being animated to actively participate in sustainable change and consumption.

The event series „Science Sips“ covered short, energetic presentations on different topics on marine science and gave participants the chance to enjoy snacks and drinks from sustainable sea-food.

The special theme day on „A Taste of the Future of the Seas“ was dedicated to teach families, tourists and young adults about marine science and sustainable consumption through special tours, interactive exhibits, sustainable seafood snacks, and more.

Additionally, the information booth „Future Fish“ accompanied all events and helped participants to make a connection between scientific findings and sustainable consumption and offered sustainable options for taking action in their own lives.

Downlad: Pilotbericht „Ein Geschmack der Zukunft der Meere“ (pdf 6,9 MB german)

Event series „Science Sips“: