Catalogue of Urban Nature-based Solutions – Addressing Climate Change in Cities

From green bus stops to eco-districts, Ecologic Institute’s catalogue presents solutions that cities can use to address climate change, while generating social, economic and environmental benefits.

Nature-based solutions are solutions that are inspired and supported by nature. They can be used in urban settings to complement or replace "traditional" or "grey" solutions to perform functions, such as thermal insulation and stormwater retention and filtration.

The catalogue of urban NBS consists of two parts. The first section introduces ten multifunctional NBS that cities can implement. The solutions have been selected based on their potential to deliver climate mitigation and their ability to respond to a variety of common urban challenges. The second section presents ten case studies of complex nature-based solutions applications which show how NBS can be combined together to create systemic solutions that address multiple urban challenges in parallel – at sites as small as a playground or as large as an entire city.

The publications is designed to support planners, designers and landscape architects in various sized urban areas in Europe and beyond in applying NBS instead of or alongside traditional approaches. At the same time, the publication is written in an accessible manner and can be used to introduce various audiences to the concept, applications and benefits of urban nature-based solutions. The publication is available in English and in Polish language versions.

The catalogue has been produced as part of the "Climate NBS Poland" project supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Ministry of Environment. The project aims to increase the understanding, acceptance and uptake of multifunctional NBS as a cost-effective urban climate mitigation and climate protection measure. By initiating and fostering cooperation and exchange between Polish and German planning, engineering and policy experts, the project seeks to build capacity, knowledge and skills among city officials, municipal staff and landscape planners to enable the conceptual and technical design and implementation of NBS.

Contact: Ewa Iwaszuk (Ecologic Institut)

Addressing Climate Change in Cities [pdf, 9.2 MB, English]
• Polish language version: Błękitno-zielona infrastruktura dla łagodzenia zmian klimatu w miastach. Katalog techniczny.

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