Can Current EU Climate Policy Reliably Achieve Climate Neutrality by 2050?

03/24/2023 | Ecologic Institute, Öko-Institut

The EU has just updated its climate target for 2030 and most of the policy instruments in place to achieve it. Does this toolbox have all the items needed to achieve the shift to net-zero emissions by 2050? This discussion paper by Ecologic Institute and Oeko-Institut addresses and analyses the main pillars of the EU's climate policy identifies crunch issues on the path towards climate neutrality and offers potential solutions.

The analysis was conducted during negotiations of the "Fit For 55" packages and includes the final compromises on the most relevant laws, which define the EU climate policy architecture post-2030. Following a two-step approach, the authors first provide a description of the post-2030 policy architecture according to "Fit For 55" along its main pillars; second, the authors assess each of the main pillars to better understand how the covered sectors can be changed, so they align with the climate neutrality target.

In conclusion, the discussion paper finds that the "Fit For 55" package signifies a step towards a transformative EU climate policy architecture, but is not yet entirely capable of facilitating climate neutrality by 2050.

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